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Our mission is, “To help raise public confidence in democracy by working for the advancement of human rights, rule of law, access to justice, transparency and accountability which are the hallmarks of modern democratic societies”. We work mainly through research, publications, advocacy and networking.

The centre was founded on the 16th June, 2006 but only became operational in 2007 when our president, prof. Yemi Akinseye-George completed his term as Special Assistant to the Hon. A.G. of the Federation and Minister of Justice. His rich experience in the Ministry of Justice, background as a lecturer, Fellow at Princeton University, NJ USA and as a seasoned attorney have profoundly aided the work of the centre.




To deepen understanding and application of socio-legal systems as potent instrument for advancing human rights, democracy and development.


The Centre uses the following instruments to achieve its objectives:

· Research

· Advocacy

· Capacity Building

· Networking

· Dissemination and

· Publication

Thematic Focus:

  • Law Reform
  • Legal Education Reform
  • Access to Justice & Rule of Law
  • Human Rights
  • Transparency and accountability


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