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Justice Sector Reform & Human Rights in Nigeria $0.00
Justice Sector Reform & Human Rights in Nigeria


This report is aimed at documenting the leading issues of justice sector reform and human rights in the first ten years of continuous democracy in Nigeria. Nigeria is undoubtedly a complex country and its system of administering justice is a hotchpotch of elements drawn from diverse and sometimes contradictory sources. This report attempts to put in perspective the challenges involved in meeting the demands for justice in such an environment that has just emerged from prolonged military rule and the various attempts made to address them. It brings together information from a plethora of sources as it is intended more as a collection of information than as an analytical or academic exercise. We offer this report as an introductory guide to policy-makers, legislators, judges, civil society actors, donors, students, journalists and decision makers who are keen to know the issues and challenges facing the Nigerian justice system and human rights as well as the reforms that were attempted or recommended in the last decade.

Juvenile Justice in Nigeria $0.00
Juvenile Justice in Nigeria

Improving Judicial Protection of Human Rights $0.00
Improving Judicial Protection of Human Rights

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